Welcome to the Ask Sephiroth page, I have set this up so that you may ask me what ever you wish. offerings of energy drinks and sugar are much appreciated.

Be warned I may not be the only one to respond...

Seph here. I wish to apologize for the lack of activity… Tumblr it seems has been hording your asks as I have been checking back nearly every day and there were no new messages and yet I check back today and there are several some dating as far back as pre - christmas. 

So.. I blame TUMBLR! 

You earned a follower with that response about FFXIII. lol

lol thank you ^_^

why is your katana like 100 feet long?

It is eight feet long and it was simply how Masamune decided to make the sword.

*Hands over cinnamon buns and large bag of monster* You don't all have to answer, but I was wondering what you think each other's kids would be like if they could have them with their respective partner(s) and how you think that would effect your daily life. Despite the antics you get into, you all seem like you'd be great parents.

Tseng: I really don’t think I would wish to see Sephiroth and Genesis kids….

Oh why not Niisan?

Tseng: one of each of you is enough….

(there is an RP actually where Tseng has twins.. they are adorable little thieves..)

*hands over VPX Redline to Tseng for the turks and large bag with ten cans of monster for Sephiroth* Careful with the Redline, too much WILL kill you and it tasets terrible. The kick though is great, better than coffee. Question, how big is Sephiroth's horde getting through this?

Tseng: What horde? He’s devoured almost everything he gets in a day….

*gives christmas presents to all of you* (and some waterproof fireworks to zack)

Oh… lord…

Zack: *cackles and runs off.*

If you didn't work for Shinra what would be your dream job?

To be honest, I am not really sure. Someone else asked this same type question a while ago but I am just as stumped as I was then.

Boxers or Briefs?

NEITHER! *snorts* Yes I don’t like wearing underwear if I don’t have to.

-Gives Sephiroth a Monster and a picture of a young Cloud dressed as a chocobo- Hi I was wondering has anyone ever switched your Crack in a can for the sugar free kind? If they did what happened to them? Also I have a question for Tseng to. Did you have any other lovers before you married Cloud?

They have… and none of them will dare to do it again!

Tseng: *rolls eyes* I have, several.. but we were only allowed to sleep with SOLDIER or our fellow Turks. I personally stuck with my fellow Turks.