Welcome to the Ask Sephiroth page, I have set this up so that you may ask me what ever you wish. offerings of energy drinks and sugar are much appreciated.

Be warned I may not be the only one to respond...

How I feel when I’m in a bad mood and people are all up in my face trying to make me feel better:

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Pardon for the intrusion. I don't mean to seem rude, but could you perhaps cease tagging your posts with #Sephiroth and similar character tags? They do seem to clutter everything up quite a bit.

OOC: This is a Ask SEPHIROTH page.. it’s supposed to be him answering questions about himself, so naturally the tags are going to be of him..no tags people don’t see it outside the group.. it’s simply common sense.

but forgive me for posting these with tags as they clutter up the other pictures of Sephiroth that have been posted and reposted a billion times over. 

How I feel after 9 monsters